Billy Campbell

In the spring of 1975, a master stylist, Harold Cobb, opened his salon named On Stage.  At that time it was located at 5 Railroad Avenue in Mechanicsburg. Pennsylvania.  In July 1976, a "rookie" Billy Campbell, secured a position with Mr. Cobb at the Harrisburg salon.

Starting as Harold's assistant, Billy worked his way to earning a chair one day a week.  In time, the one day turned into five days a week behind the chair.  After two years at the Harrisburg salon, Billy volunteered to work at the Mechanicsburg salon after an employee walk-out.  A year later, he was offered one-third of the ownership.  Three years later he bought the remaining two-thirds of the business and the stylist added owner to his title.  In his own words, "owning a salon is not a destination, but a journey.

The location of On Stage would change several times over the years.  The initial location of 5 Railroad Avenue was moved to 28 North Market Street in Mechanicsburg, PA.  There the salon flourished for ten years.  The building that housed On Stage was later sold.  The salon moved once again, to 52 West Main Street in Mechanicsburg, PA.  By November of 2002, the business had grown, and it was time to expand.  At that time, Campbell purchased the property at 205 South Sporting Hill Road, Mechanicsburg, PA, and the salon has continued to grow at its current location.